Wednesday, 15 May 2013

S.O.S THE END 6 March 2043 Time 22 00

How selfish it is to say "I will change the world" or  "I will make the diference" ext. Let's don't forget that clever ideas are not comming up to 100 or 1000000 people the same time but to one man. This man has the obligation to send this idea to everyone. If someone tells you that the way you live your everyday life, you destroy the continue of life of the earth, of the air, of the sea. The continue of life of the people, of the animals, of the birds, of the fish, of the trees, and generally of the nature. For all of these what would you actually do to change? Think the consequenses... Think your descendants. Your time is finishing... you must decide! Find solutions... the nature, the earth and the animals helped the humans to evolve. That's why we οwe to them our respect.
1 JANUARY 2070 -TIME   00:06